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KW H Ochten
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Bitte überprüft Eure Stammdaten

Nachdem mittlerweile einige Schützen nicht für die Region schießen, in der sie wohnen, haben wir vor einiger Zeit in die Stammdaten der Schützen die IPSC Region, die IPSC-Nummer und den IPSC Alias aufgenommen.

Scheinbar wird das aber von den Schützen unzureichend geplfegt.

Wir bitten alle Schützen kurzfristig ihre Stammdaten zu prüfen und diese Felder ggfs. zu ergänzen.

Folgende Felder sind wichtig:

Name, Vorname, Geburtsdatum, Land
e-Mail, IPSC-Region - ohne diese Felder ist keine Übernahme ins WinMSS möglich!!

Folgende Felder können aus Datenschutzgründen weggelassen werden, erleichtern aber den Veranstaltern oft die Arbeit:

Adresse, Telefonnummer(n), IPSC-Nummer, IPSC Alias, Passdaten

Die Felder Zeitzone, Datumsformat sind Felder, um die Listen und Anzeigen entsprechend zu korrigieren.

Es wäre super, wenn ihr die Überarbeitung Eurer Daten mit den Feld "Meine Daten sind aktuell" ganz unten  abschließen würdet.

Meldet Euch einfach, wenn ihr hierzu Fragen habt.


Please check your shooter maindata

Some shooters live in one country and are member of an IPSC Region of another country. We changed the MOS so that you are able to store your living country AND your IPSC region.

But some shooter didn't save the IPSC region, so the match orga teams have problem with import of matchdata to WinMSS.

Please check your shooter maindata and correct the wrong and empty fields.

The following fields are important:

familiy name, given name, date of birth, e-mail, IPSC region. - without this data, the import to WinMSS is not possible.

The following fields are not necessary, but they help the match orga teams to contact you:

address, phone number(s), ipsc number, ipsc alias, passport data.

The fields timezone and format of date help you to display the matchdata in a nice format.

It will be great, if you select "My personal data are up-to-date and correct" every time after changing your data.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

There are no translations available.

Wichtige Information für ALLE Schützen

Es ist jetzt wiederholt vorgekommen, dass die MOS Daten nicht ins WinMSS importiert werden konnten.
Grund dafür sind immer falsch eingetragene Daten im Feld IPSC Alias in den Schützen Stammdaten.
In den neuen Versionen von WinMSS wird dieses Feld überprüft. Bei Unstimmigkeiten wird der Import ins WinMSS mit einem Fehler abgebrochen.

Bitte überprüft dringend, ob der von Euch eingetragene IPSC Alias auch wirklich mit dem bei der IPSC beantragten und von der IPSC vergebenen überein stimmt.

Very important information for all shooters

In more then one case, we had problems to import the MOS data to WinMSS.
The reason is, that some shooter made wrong inputs in the field IPSC Alias in shooters maindata.
The content of this field will be checked in new version of WinMSS and an import of data with wrong shooter maindata is no longer possible.

Please check immediately whether your input in IPSC Alias flield is exactly the same, you got from IPSC!



New informations

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Hello shooter,

we decide to create two new menu items in the MOS menu.
One "for shooters" and the other "for admins".

There you will find information about news in MOS.
Please check the menu item from time to time.

MOS Admin



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Die Firma its-tech hat sich angeboten, den Speed Timer 3000 allen IPSC Schützen zu besonderen Konditionen anzubieten.

Details zur MOS Edition des Timers findet ihr hier.

Ideal für IPSC Rifle
für alle AR 15 Clone
Magazinboden aus Alu für zwei G-Mag Magazine

Details zu den Magazinböden findet ihr hier.


MOS for free

Dear shooter,

It has come to our attention that many smaller club matches, which we had hoped would be our target audience, are not being managed using MOS. The organisers of such small club matches have enough on their hands with stage design, stage building etc., and MOS can relieve them of much of the organisational burden of running their matches.
Everyone already knows the MOS website from the shooter's side, but only a few have seen the administrative side, which provides an easy view of payments, a simple way to upload information documents and to e-mail shooters, and more.
We initially developed the system to organise our own club's level I and II matches more effectively, and the current users have been invaluable in helping us to make MOS what it is today.

We would now like to offer our system to small clubs or organising their matches, and we have changed the fee structure from 01.07.2011 as follows:

Matches up to 40 shooters are free;
For bigger matches:
Up to 60 shooters - one entry fee
Up to 100 shooters - two entry fees
Up to 200 shooters - three entry fees
For every subsequent 100 shooters, one more entry fee.
(so that the fee is less than 2 % - or “Let one more shooter start”)

Please feel free to start a MOS match by clicking the "MOS match apply ( really? Does it say this?)" button. Please do not forget to include your e-mail address, and we will assist you with using MOS to organise your match for the first time.

We hope that this will be attractive enough that all small club matches will use MOS in future. Put your energy into designing and building great stages!

Guenter and Martin
MOS team


Version 4.0

There are no translations available.

Today we have updated to version 4.0 of MOS.

Important for shooters is first, that they have to check there profile.
Please fill the following fields in your personal data:

1. dateformat
2. timezone
3. IPSC Zone

Please look at the MOS Menue to find the new functions of MOS 4.0 (actualy only in German., but we try to translate this menu also in the other languages as soon as possible.

If you think that anything goes wrong in this new version, feel free to send us an e-mail.
We will fix all problems as soon as possible.

AND: Until we get back the translations to all the languages, we have translated the new parts to english. Don't worry, we change it as soon as possible.

Guenter and Martin


Translations - Multi Language System


actually the translations of the languages Dutch, English and French are up to date.

We work acutally to finish Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Swedish

We search for helping to translate to spanish.

If anybondy wants to help for spanish translation, feel free to contact us.

Our contact e-mail adress is here.


Your MOS-Team


How to register a match?

How to register for a match?
Registration for matches takes place in the Shooters' Area (see menu.)

Registration for the Shooters' Area is only necessary once.
After you have logged into the Shooters' Area, you can register for all matches and also for the individual squads.

Have fun.
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