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Dear Shooters,

The MOS (Match Organisation System) has existed since 2009. Since then,  we have assisted  IPSC match organizers and competitors in multiple ways.

The MOS has grown considerably and has been used in many European countries.

As a result,  the MOS is currently translated into 12 languages.

Those languages are;

German, English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian and Slowakian.
And in preperation polnish.

As 8 years have now passed, a lot of changes in the MOS website were neccessary. Not all of those changes were translated to all languages.

Currently we are looking for persons who may be able to help us to find errors in the translations and who would be willing to help us to correct and amend or add text in the various languages.

If YOU want to help us, please contact us by mail and we will let you know the details.


Thanks for your help.