We are happy to offer the System to shooting clubs or event organizers, regardless of the scale of your operation.

To facilitate that, we orient the usage charges on the event's entry fee and the number of registered participants

The table below illustrates the cost structure.

participants usage charges
upto 40 free
upto 60 1x entry fee
upto 100 2x entry fee
upto 200 3x entry fee
upto 300 4x entry fee
above 300 please get in touch with us

The suggested prices do not include the value-added tax. Customers in the EU region with a valid USTID and those from outside of the EU will be offered prices without taxes.

Additionally, in the case we (Guenter and Martin Friedrich, the two system programmers)

decide to compete at your event, we would like to secure participation subject to no entry fee.

The offered free participation will NOT be transferred to any other individual.